Scotland 2022 Scotland Tri-Nation Series (round 14)

The Scottish Tri-Nations Series 2022 will be the 14th round of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019-2023 League 2 cricket tournament.

Cricket World Cup

The biggest and most prestigious tournament, the start of the ICC Cricket World Cup will begin on May 30, 2019 and promises to be an extravaganza of powerful action, record-breaking feats, and some exciting matches and performances. Many have been waiting for this event, dreaming of watching the world teams play good cricket.

The last Cricket World Cup held in England was back in 1999, when Australia held their own against Lance Klusener. Offensively in the semi-finals and then battled favourites Pakistan in the final to win their formidable battle for the brilliant Cricket WC Trophy.


Since then, Australia has won four World Cups, including one in 1999, except for the only World Cup in 2011, which was won by a resurgent India.

But this Cricket World Cup will be unlike those that have happened in the past, as more than 350 points have now been accumulated, and teams like England and India, with their widest batting lineups, continue to chase those giant points without losing a sweat.

Many are even predicting that this World Cup will see more than 500 races for the first time.

It will be an incredibly tough tournament for the teams, and it is likely that whoever makes it all the way to the end will qualify for the Silver World Cup.

Back to the Tri Nations Series, which will be held July 10-17 in 2022. Three countries will compete. A series between the cricket teams of Namibia, Nepal and Scotland, with matches played as fixtures of One Day International. League 2 of the ICC Cricket World Cup is part of the qualifying pathway for the 2023 Cricket World Cup.

Originally, the action was scheduled to take place in Scotland in 2020, but the series was moved to July 2021 in Spain. However, in June 2021, the series was postponed for a year after Team Namibia was unable to attend due to a pandemic. Therefore, the Tri-Nation Series (round 14) will be held in Scotland from July 10-17, 2022. Don’t miss these impressive games from the world of cricket. 


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