Jersey Cricket World Cup Challenge League B 2023

The Cricket World Cup is an international cricket tournament held under the auspices of the ICC. It is the most prestigious tournament for men’s national teams in the sport. Almost all the participating teams are from Britain and its former colonies. World Championship final tournaments are held every four years. The first World Cricket Championship was held in 1975 in England.  The leader in the number of times won the title of world champion in cricket is the Australian team, which became the world champion 4 times. Twice world champions have been West Indies and India, once each from Pakistan and Sri Lanka. A similar tournament for women’s national teams is held in 1973.

With the International Cricket Council (ICC) Men’s T20 Cricket World Cup 2022 approaching, some fans can finally see the matches in person and feel the excitement in the stadium.

Research shows that 46% of world travelers are happy to go abroad for a sporting event as travel restrictions ease.

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Championships 2022

The Jersey Cricket Council World Cup B Challenge League B 2022 begins July 28, 2022 and ends August 10, 2022. The championship features 6 teams that will play 15 matches. All matches in the tournament will be List A status. The Test match series will be part of Group A global T20 World Cup qualification.

The 2019-2023 ICC Cricket World Cup League 2 is the first edition of the ICC Cricket World Cup League 2, a cricket tournament that forms part of the Cricket World Cup 2023 Qualification process. It currently runs from August 2019 to February 2023, and all matches are played as one-day international tournaments (ODIs). Each set of fixtures will compete in three series.

Scotland, Nepal and the United Arab Emirates have joined the top four teams in ICC World Cricket League Division 2. The first round of matches was played in Aberdeen, Scotland, in August 2019.

The top three teams will advance to the 2023 Cricket World Cup qualifiers and the four worst teams will advance to the playoffs of the 2022 Cricket World Cup qualifiers.


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