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Badminton Betting on Parimatch

Badminton is not a popular sport, few people know about it. There are not so many real fans, so many bookmakers do not accept bets on badminton. In the Russian Federation and European countries, this species is not so developed; more representatives from Asian countries participate in it. Not so long ago, bets on PariMatch badminton began to be in high demand, they allow you to get a good win. But still, you should first familiarize yourself with the basic principles, features and advantages of this sport.


Badminton betting and badminton betting tips

Badminton bets are not very developed and they are not valid in all bookmakers. As for PariMatch, this bookmaker works with almost all types of sports, it offers different bets that have certain qualities.

Outcome or win bet

When this sport is played, there are no draws, therefore, often in the bookmaker there are P1 or P2 bets on the list, they can be on the result of a match or game. This market is available in many bookmakers. In live, bookmakers can place bets on winnings at certain points draws.


Bets win with a handicap are held on matches, on games. Handicap using a lot can be carried out using a live line from individual bookmakers. Not all bookmakers have a large badminton list.


Bets on this sport are often made using the total. It can be held for a match, a game, a match by games, it can be individual, even or odd.

Match score

When making these bets, you need to make a choice from the options – two: zero, two: one, one: two, zero: two. You should bet on the account when there is a guarantee that the favorite will win. In this situation, at 2:00 there will be the highest odds.

Tournament victory

It is difficult to predict, because a large number of athletes take part in competitions. Sometimes the organizers can form more than 150 couples.

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Badminton Live Betting

There are live bets on badminton in live, among them you can choose the most suitable and winning ones. Live offers total, handicap, outcome or win, and other options. But before you make them, you should conduct a full analysis, study the game, assess the risks.

Below are the main live badminton betting strategies:

  • Accurate game score. It is better to make a bet on such an account in the case when there is some kind of favorite. At this point, the odds will be higher than when betting on the one who wins.
  • Favorite. In the mentioned sport, this type of bet is considered the most reliable and winning, because the randomness on the result of the game is minimal. It follows from this that the coefficients will be low. The strongest athlete can be found quite simply, this requires an analysis of previous performances;
  • Negative handicap on points. In live, bets are often made using a handicap based on the results of the game. As a basis, a similar condition is used in the previous sections – it is necessary to identify a favorite. The bet can be placed on the win and on the game score, as well as on the win with the difference in collected points;
  • Total more.
  • Outsider. The underdog betting strategy includes several simple conditions: at the first stages of the game, you may not notice changes in the game of favorites and underdogs, and bookmakers may underestimate athletes, it is also necessary to adequately assess the physical abilities of athletes, it is necessary to analyze the game at the current moment.

Badminton bonuses

The PariMatch betting company has a variety of bonuses for betting on badminton. They allow you to get a 100% win, and also provide an opportunity to make other types of bets.

BC PariMatch offers the following types of bonuses for badminton:

  • Cash gifts in the amount of 1 to 30 thousand. Beginners are charged up to 10 thousand for making the first bet;
  • Cashback from 10% of the bet amount;
  • Gifts from sports clubs, which are betting on badminton online;
  • Accrual of bonuses by special codes.

Also, various cash bonuses are often awarded through the badminton betting application, which can be used to place bets.


Betting strategy

Before you start betting on badminton, you should consider the features and basic strategies. Among the main ones are:

  • Bets on the player who won the first set. According to statistics, in almost 80% of cases, the biathlete who won the starting set becomes the favorite of the match. In this case, you should ignore tournaments and fights with the participation of women;
  • Making bets on underestimated players in the early stages of the competition;
  • Betting on TB (20.5) of the favorite in the set. The coefficient index should not be higher than 1.52. It is necessary to start making a deal when one of the opponents scores 8 points. Usually, after this mark, quotes are reduced by 25-30%.

Facts and statistics

To choose profitable bets on badminton, you need to take into account the motivation of the players, the rating indicators, the current state of the form.

And before you start making bets in the field of badminton, you should study this sport. Particular attention should be paid to the favorites and tournaments that were the most successful. And among the main features of the rates can be identified:

  • The rules of badminton are similar to those of tennis and volleyball. The game consists of games, they last up to 21 points or until the player gains a 2-point advantage. The match usually lasts up to two won periods, it can end with a score of 2:0 or 2:1;
  • The first rounds are played by players who have little experience. Therefore, in the beginning, you should bet on outsiders;
  • When entering the line, you should carefully study the coefficients;
  • Any badminton betting site provides broadcasts of fights that have lines;
  • Do not forget about doping scandals that occur regularly in sports. In 2014, illicit drugs were found in the titled player Lee Chong Wei. So what can you expect from the rest of the athletes who have just started playing badminton.


Should you bet on badminton?

Many underestimate badminton bets, they believe that they will not be able to bring big profits. In this case, it is important to conduct a full forecast and analysis, to study the risks. With the right approach, you can get good earnings. Do not chase the ratio.

When not to bet?

It is not worth betting when you do not know the internal situation at the match. Even the strongest participant can lose, he can get injured. If it is not possible to analyze the game, and it is also impossible to watch it in real time, then it is better to refuse to bet.

Which BC to choose?

Preference should be given to popular bookmakers. They must have a license, their activities in the country must be legal. On the Internet, you can familiarize yourself with the list of bookmakers and choose the most suitable one.