Cup Asia 2022

The Asian Cup is usually held every two years. 2020 was the first year the competition was canceled. The reason was the COVID-19 pandemic. 

India continues to be the most successful country in terms of Asia Cup cricket. Since the tournament’s inception in 1984, the country has won seven of fourteen draws, most recently in 2018. During the last edition of the tournament, Rohit Sharma, led by India, defeated Bangladesh in the final in Dubai. Sri Lanka won it five times, and Pakistan managed to win twice (in 2000 and 2012). 

asia cupThe upcoming Asian Cup will be played in Sri Lanka, specifically from August 27 to September 11. The qualifying matches will be played on August 20, 2022. Pakistan, which was originally scheduled to host the 2022 Asian Cup, now has the rights to host the 2023 Asian Cup.

Asian Cup participants

All five test teams – namely teams from Sri Lanka, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh – will participate in the tournament. In addition, a sixth team will be added after August 20, when another qualifying tournament takes place.

The popularity of cricket

Cricket is the national sport in India, and thousands of people play it every day in the open fields. The fanaticism caused by this sport is similar to the fanaticism caused by soccer in Spain or basketball in the United States. 

In India and Pakistan, cricket is valued equally with religion. It is a source of patriotism, a cause for pride and a struggle for honor.

At present, the World Cup is played in the T20 format, which allows the matches to be televised. The leader in world cricket at the moment is the Australian team, which has won three of the last four world championships. The main rivals of the Australians are the Lankans and Indians. It is also noteworthy that the West Indian team, which has not missed a single World Cup and won two of them, still takes part in the competition. The best players on the international stage are considered to be kicker Glenn McGrath of Australia and Sachin Tendulkar of India. It is these guys who hold the records for the most goals knocked down and runs scored, respectively.


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